We work very hard to make sure that our customers understand all of their options to help them make the best decisions possible.

We provide this assistance in person, on the phone, on our blog, on our radio program and on our web site.

This education has helped to improve our customer’s decisions and in turn has increased our customer’s satisfaction.

We commit to our customers to provide them with all education needed and we will continue to invest in this free service.

One example of this education effort includes our best practices that are outlined in the Our Standards tab on this web site.

Check out my interview, Ventilation and your Roof on Texas Homes, one of the top sites for Texas real estate.

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Show date 7/15/14 - Hail storms

Show date 7/29/14 - Attic ventilation

Show date 8/4/14 - How to select a roofer, roof installation process

Show date 8/12/14 - Shingles, other roofing options, summarize prior shows

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